Saturday, September 11, 2010


I woke up this morning with the many brave men and women who lost there lives on 9-11 on my mind filling my thoughts and remembering them today. I didn't know any of them personally but I will always honor and remember not only the 343 firefighters that lost there lives but the many many other 2800 innocent ones that lost there lives also.

I recently visited New York to visit my best friend. We went to Ground Zero and she had told me there is just an eerie feeling surrounding the area. She was right... there was just an eeriness surrounding the area. We visited Station 10 (the first responding at Ground Zero) and I was able to see the memorial on the side of the firehouse wall. Very moving and a beautiful work of art.

It's so hard to believe it's been 9 years since that horrific day. I remember exactly where I was at the moment the story came about on the news. Today we explained this day to our kids and we will every year as we want to always honor this day. I hope it will become a National Holiday. We went to a childrens museum today and David wore his NYC 9-11 firehouse 10 shirt I bought him, Dakota wore his FDNY shirt, and Wyatt wore his I heart NY shirt. Emma was dressed in her patriotic dress. My little way of honoring NYC and being proud to be an American.

*The first photo I found on another blog and it's from the memorial museum that is next door to firehouse 10. I wasn't able to visit it during my recent visit but I would like to visit this museum one day. This is a touching drawing and words aren't needed to describe any further.


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Judith and Lance said...

No, we will never forget. Thank God for firemen, firemen just like your precious David who are willing to risk their lives for fellow Americans!