Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More of Wyatt's first photos...

These are a few more photos from the 12th... I love my doctor. Dr. Kennedy is just the best OB and she really got me through a very painful delivery with her calm voice and coaching. She always treated the kids so great for my appointments and when I was worried about the baby being breech she took the time to explain every option to me. She's just the best!!

His first bath he DID NOT like at all! He cried the whole time but afterwards he was not only nice and clean but he was a good little sleeper for mommy and daddy his first night in the hospital.

Mimi and David after Wyatt was born. Marsha shared in our joy after things in the delivery room calmed down a bit. One of the first photos with her 3rd grandson.

I love the close up photo of him. He just looks so sweet. The final photo I think is so cute too. He's in deep thought with his finger pressed to his chin. He's just such a cutie... I love him so much! It's amazing how quickly and deeply you love a new baby that you just met. He just melts my heart every time I look at him. =)

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