Friday, March 2, 2012

Cindy Lou and Sam I Am

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss from my Sam I Am and Cindy Lou. :)
Today was dress up like your favorite Dr. Seuss character at school. I created these fun costumes for the kids. :) I'm happy with how they turned out especially Dakota's because I literally created the green eggs and ham look this morning. He wanted to be the Grinch but with no green face paint and a fail at the homemade face paint recipe we had to go to plan b. He wasn't to excited about not being able to be his original choice (Cat in the Hat was his 1st choice but not enough time to pull that one together with at home items) but he left with a smile on his face when he had on the completed costume. :)

Emma's hair was a lot of fun! I just teased it and teased it followed by spraying it with a TON of hairspray. I also put pipe cleaners in her braids to get them to curl a bit more. She was a hit at school. I think she looked as cute as a button. :)

I couldn't get all of her hair into the top ponytail so I just braided the lower section and it worked out great for this crazy hairstyle. :)

She happened to get her cute red jacket for Christmas which was perfect for this Cindy Lou costume. I got pretty lucky by her having the cute gingham dress and new red tights in her wardrobe. :) Of course she already had the cute big red bow.

I also lucked out that David had this yellow t-shirt and he had no problem with me cutting up the shirt to make this costume for Dakota. I used my pinking shears to cut across the bottom and the sleeves of the shirt. I turned the shirt inside out and attached the tray of "green eggs and ham" using tape. Dakota didn't have to carry a tray around all day and the lettering on the shirt was covered up. Dakota had the orange hat from hunting and I used old scrapbooking stickers to attach "Sam I Am." Dakota had the great idea to add a fork in the ham at the last minute. Great touch. :) Creative costume and I had everything here at home. :)

The kids said they were a hit at school and not many kids dressed up. The morning was hectic trying to get these costumes plus hair complete but them enjoying themselves made it all worth it. They already can't wait for next year's costumes. :) I wanted to also mention that Google images was a big inspiration in my creativity for the costumes. :) LOVE Google images. :)

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Christy said...

Julie, these outfits are so fun! I am in love with Emma's hair. You did such a great job at creating these.