Monday, November 1, 2010

BOO at the zoo

This year we took the kids to Boo at the Zoo! :) David was on his hunting trip to Montana for trick-or-treat night so we only did Boo at the Zoo this year. The kids looked great! :) Wyatt was scared of the spooky display behind the signs so he wasn't thrilled to take this photo (he was crying in one of the photos.. it was cute.)

Wyatt was a blue dinosaur. I loved the tail on the back of the costume. He looked so cute! He loves dinosaurs right now but he had a hard time deciding what he wanted to be for Halloween this year.

Emma was a ballerina. My best friend Summer made her skirt. She looked beautiful! The day was very chilly and it worked out perfect for her costume that she had the brown sweater with the ballet slippers on it. She had a cute little leotard on underneath the sweater. We made Dakota's costume this year and it was a lot of fun. He wasn't sure what he wanted to be this year but he finally decided on a robot (since we told him we could make the costume). His costume was a hit!! He was getting A LOT of attention and everyone was making comments like "look at the robot" and "cool costume" and "that's the best homemade costume ever." He wasn't sure about all of the attention so he ended up taking off the head, legs, and arms of his costume. He didn't like all of the attention. He looked so cute. Cutting the eyes and mouth out of the head was his idea. The front of the robot had a t.v. on it. He even walked like a robot. I loved when he talked like a robot too. :)

David and I didn't dress up this year. I was going to but then just didn't get it all together. David just returned from Montana the night before so he wasn't up to dressing up either. We've promised the kids that we'll both dress up next year.

I took this picture of Emma as she was playing on the polar bear play area. She looks so happy and I love how I captured her "I'm having so much fun mommy big smile!" They all loved playing in this play area.

For our picture together we had to do a ballet pose of course!

Our day was almost over but I love how cute Emma and Wyatt smiled for me in this photo (well this was like the 4th photo I took). ;)

We rode the spooky Halloween train and Dakota rode with me. We had fun. We rode all the way in the back of the train while David, Emma, and Wyatt rode in the front. The differences in kids cracks me up and where they wanted to ride on the train showed there differences that day. We had fun on the spooky train! It wasn't to spooky though.

There was smoke everywhere giving the eerie feeling as we crossed this bridge. David and the kids were just walking out of the spooky smoke!

This is Wyatt's first self portrait! He always sees me taking self portraits with David and I take them with the kids. He wanted to try on. I love this photo and he looks very cute!

The afternoon at the zoo was fun but cold and windy. We did see a few animals but I enjoyed watching my kids all dressed up plus looking so cute too. They had fun going to the different stations getting candy but at the end of the day Dakota was a bit sad because it just wasn't the same as going from house to house. I have some extra candy to buy to make up for the lack of it at the zoo and next year we'll be sure to go to the traditional trick-or-treat. I agree that is a lot more fun! :)

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Quiana said...

love the costumes! emma looks like such a little lady! dakota not wanting the attention cracked me up =)