Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My cutie pie sailor girl and her Sarah the bear =)

My cutie pie Emma looked so sweet in her little sailor dress on Sunday along with her matching "Sarah the bear" in the same dress. I just loved them together! How adorable she is! She is such a sweetie but she has her rotten side too. Wow lately that little girl can cry and cry and cry. As so many have said to me "that's a girl." So different than my boys. We just take it all in stride and I just try to ignore the ultra fits and know she'll eventually settle down because there is no compromise when she's screaming her little head off. The naughty step, going to her room to settle down, and spanking all come into how we handle here. How do moms or dads out there deal with the ultra fits? Any tips would be much appreciated! =) She is a sweetheart and latley she's been a "baby." I'll say my big girl and she'll say "no I'm a baby." It's cute! =)

I am proud to announce that Emma is potty trained!!! This part of life went much easier with a girl. We only have to do diapers for naps and bedtime. I am very happy to not have to be buying as many diapers. =) Her reward for going potty is 1 jelly bean but 2 for poo poos. She loves getting those jelly beans! It's so cute she flushes and says "bye bye pee pee. See you next time!!" Potty training went well once I could really focus on her and not the many other things going on.

Emma is 2 1/2 now and my little princess! =)


Judith and Lance said...

She is so beautiful and looks like a little Ralph Lauren model in these pictures.

Anonymous said...

Emma is a doll baby! She such a cutie and I know what everyone means when they say, "That's a girl for you." Now that I have two, I can say it too. They are handfuls, but wow are they sweet! Girls are a blast! Baby Abby can't wait to meet you Emma.
Love, Lisa