Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Abbie Grace Lorice Elizabeth :)

We welcomed our beautiful baby girl on June 17th at 6:06 a.m. She weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches. She stole our hearts right away and she's been such a joyous addition to our family!

We went to the zoo right after my final doctor appointment. I was in very early labor at 39 weeks. This is my final belly shot. :) After the zoo labor didn't stop me from getting one last hair cut and it helped take my mind off of the contractions. (I didn't know if it was really labor and the contractions were manageable.)

My husband was the greatest birth coach! He held my hand, rubbed my back, walked with me, endured his own knee pain, and continually spoke encouraging words to me to help me achieve the desire for an all natural birth. I couldn't have made it through the birth without him. This picture speaks for itself and I love it. I'm so thankful I had the support of my husband!

I had an incredible nurse too. She fully supported my desire to not have an epidural and she never forced one on me. She supported me and I thank God for giving me my wonderful labor nurse. :)

2 of my close friends Christy and Summer shared the birth of Abbie with David and I. Christy photographed the birth for us (she did an amazing job) and walked the halls with me many many times! She was a great encouragement and brought lots of laughter to my labor. Summer took a few pictures too but she was a big support person for my epidural free birth. She rubbed my back during the painful back labor and spoke many encouraging words to me. I was so blessed to share this all nighter birth with my wonderful friends. :)

Dakota, Emma, and Wyatt were so thrilled to welcome there little sister into our family. They've been so good with her and such great helpers too! They love having a little sister! :)

Love my little sweetie to pieces! :)

My Abbie girl is almost 3 months old. So I'm way behind in my blogging but that's okay and I just never got around to posting her birth. The first 6 weeks of her life were challenging but now she is such a joy (we had her tongue clipped from being tongue tied and that's helped a lot). She brings smiles and laughter into our home everyday! Hopefully I'll share more of her life with you more often. :) I can't thank God enough for the blessing of Abbie Grace into our family!!! :)


Quiana said...

I know I said congrats in person ;-) but I'll say it again here: I'm so happy for you! Love the new blog update and glad to see you're back to blogging!

Christy said...

I absolutely could not thank you enough for letting me be there for your birth to miss Abbie! What a great experience to be with you to see new life come into this world. Can I just say a.m.a.z.i.n.g! You did a fabulous job! Love you Julie!