Saturday, March 13, 2010

A nice ending to a very difficult day!

Today was NOT an easy mommy day! The morning was so hard and the kids were very cranky, arguing constantly, and it was rainy outside. The day really did not get any better and David of course was at the firehouse. All the stress of the day was washed away as the kids prepared for bed. Dakota is sleeping with me tonight and to Emma and Wyatt's delight Dakota is allowing them to sleep in his bed. I decided to snap of few pictures of them as they were looking so cute in his bed. They all got together and gave me these precious smiles!! They can make me batty at times but then there are these moments where I just feel like the most blessed mommy!!!!

(I have not been very good at blogging lately! Dakota is 6. Wyatt is 2. Emma is 4. They just grow up so fast!)

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