Friday, July 27, 2007

More family fishing photos =)

My first Bass fish!! =)

Here are some more photos from the day Dakota caught his BIG Bluegill. I caught my first big mouth Bass fish. I was pretty excited about my catch!! David caught a decent Bass too. He loves to fish for Bass and doesn't get to as often as he'd like so it was nice for hime to catch one. We had a lot of fun fishing together as a family. Emma gets into fishing too and she trys to help reel the fish in. She also likes to touch the fish and Dakota does too. We had a fun night of fishing!! =)

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Judith and Lance said...

What fun family time together! It's wonderful that you are so close and enjoy your children so much. My hope is that Lance and I will be the same way w/ Bella and the other children God blesses us with. Love ya!