Friday, June 1, 2007

Ultrasound Pics... it's still a surprise!! =)

Baby M's leg... straight out in my tummy!! Our little one was all over the place during my ultrasound.

Hi to all.... my favorite picture.

I had my ultrasound on the 31st and it was awesome!! I love the ultrasound at this point in the pregnancy because you get to see so much of the baby. Our favorite part is seeing the spine... it's incredible to be able to see every bone! I love to see my sweet little baby's profile too. =) We had a new tech that was in training so our ultrasound was nice and long (no complaints for getting to see my baby for a long time). The experienced tech got us the AWESOME side profile views... I couldn't believe how clear they showed up (it made me cry).

We DO NOT know the sex of the baby. We didn't cave in at the last minute.... David was trying to get me to find out but I wouldn't give in. When they told us to look away from the screen (they have to check it all out anyway so they do know if it's a boy or girl but only they will know so sorry no phone calls to try to find out... ha ha) I covered David's eyes and it was so funny. He just kept on saying this is not fair and I can't believe it. The techs were saying we were so funny. We'll all just be surprised come October! =)

Everything looked great on the baby!! He or she is a healthy little baby!! We enjoyed the ultrasound greatly! Oh yeah the heartbeat was 150 so right in the middle. No guesses from this one either.... sorry. Our guess for this baby is.... BOY! =) Only time will tell and it's fun guessing along the way. We both just feel like it's a boy... feel free to give us your guess on the gender of our sweet little angel!!! =)


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing boy too! I think it is awesome that you will honor your Grandpa if it is a boy! I can't wait to see you Thursday at Easton. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Wood