Saturday, December 8, 2007

Emma's birthday cake =)

I made Emma a Blue's Clues cake for her birthday this year. She loves Blue's Clues (almost as much as Dora but that will be at her party in Jan.)!! She loved her cake and I gave her a look at it before dinner and wow was that a mistake because she cried for like 15 minutes because she couldn't have a piece. She wasn't sure what to think when we sang happy birthday to her. She got over that quickly and started clapping and singing along (very cute) with us. She tried to blow the candles out but daddy ended up giving her a little help. The cake was very tasty as you can see by her blue mouth. We had a great cake time! =)

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Judith and Lance said...

Did you take a cake decorating class? That is beautiful. Can you teach me? I'm impressed! You and Kim are so domestic.