Monday, April 9, 2007

Our little lady

Emma is now 16 months old. She's my little monkey and climbs on everything.... chairs, beds, the swingset slide... she's a little daredevil. She's mommy's little sidekick and is always by my side and I mean always. She loves to draw and wil do so even on the walls. She likes playing with her big brother but he doesn't always like to play with her. She's our little lady and loves to play dressup with her play jewelry. She's a little bundle sunshine and loves to spend time outdoors too. She'll get outside any chance she gets. We also call her our little bird because she doesn't eat very much. Her favorite foods are cheese, pasta, ramen noodles, and strawberries. She loves to drink strawberry milk too. She's so cute and loves to eat Sour Patch Kids (she's just like her mama). Oh yeah the boo boo on her face above her lip is from a fall she took in the playroom on one of the storage bins. Ouch! =(

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